Meet Zoe!
A busy mum, did Notifi help…

In the last few blogs we have explored what using Notifi is like for business users, here we explore the benefits of Notifi for an individual.

Meet Zoe, she is a busy Mum. When she isn’t running the home, transporting toddler from home to nursery, and back again, she is trying to find a few spare moments to manage her freelance jobs.

For Zoe Notifi is more than just an app for receiving updates. It is her way of organising activities for toddler and receiving updates from her weekly reading club and yoga classes. Rather than wade through emails, which are everything from SPAM to her next freelancing job, she can separate off important updates to one app and check-in on them when required.

We asked Zoe what she thought of the app…

“I must admit, when I first downloaded it I was sceptical, email, whatsapp, facebook, text, did there really need to be ANOTHER way of communicating?

At first only the book club was using it and I got regular updates on our next meeting, the venue and the reading list. I also got links about the book and author as we went. It was definitely easier than getting updates on email. All the updates were in one place so I never lost anything, this was always a problem for me on email!

It was whilst I was chatting with the parents at the toddler group that I realised the app might be useful there too. Lucy who runs our group lives on her mobile and she was more than happy to try it out. Also, Lucy gets us deals with local cafes and she sends these offers to us using the app. It’s great, along with the venue details we also get to flash our discounts to the cashier.

The app went down so well with everyone that I started pushing it out to all my classes. From yoga to swimming, soon all my groups were linked to Notifi and it’s really easy to update my calendar from the app. It’s a great app”

Notifi isn’t like text messaging, it is not aiming to replace email and it’s no WhatsApp. Notifi is not conversational and that’s the point. What you will get are clear updates that are informative, to the point and easy to manage. It’s like receiving post-its to your personal noticeboard and you can’t lose them!

So you see, Notifi offers a clear line of communication from the people and businesses that matter to you. No spam, just simple secure updates from the groups that affect you.

We hope you find Notifi as useful as Zoe does! Try it out, it’s free…