Meet Joe!
He’s making waves on Notifi…

Joe works as a busy swim school teacher in South London. He teaches out of many leisure centres and he finds himself spending a lot of time managing his diary and communicating with his groups when he is on the move.

“One of the main problems is managing contact details and who is in what class. I have various groups set up but classes change and I spend a lot of time writing down details to later update them to my laptop. Also classes get cancelled or I have spare slots and need to let people know.

I needed a simpler way to make updates to my groups and inform clients of changes especially during the teaching day”

We gave Joe the Notifi app to play with. Using the app Joe was able to set up his profile, create as many groups with as many members as he liked. His classes and groups were easily labelled and structured in a clear way plus all of them were in one place – on his phone within the app. Recently we got back in touch with Joe to see how things were going.

“Right from the get-go the app worked well. Even just managing the different groups in a single place was really useful. I set up my classes and because it was free, everyone downloaded it quickly. Within minutes clients were confirming their classes! 

Just days after I started using Notifi, I got delayed in the centre of London. In a couple of minutes I had alerted everyone for the rest of the afternoon. 

I didn’t have to think about contact details and who belonged to which class. I only had to think about which classes were affected and what I needed to tell them. I could not have done that before. It was great to manage everything there and then on my phone!”

Joe used the app to manage 16 different groups. He reminded clients of classes and let them know when there were extra spaces. And when things weren’t running to plan, he was able to quickly and very easily let everyone know. It helped him maximise his working day.

“I realised that I could easily notify members of additional free slots and I could select groups that had been affected by recent cancellations. I sent them an update and asked that they confirm attendance.

Because I used the app I received responses very quickly. I think that’s because it comes up on their phone as an urgent update and they use their phone there and then to confirm attendance.

Once the slots were full I sent another update telling everyone that the slots had gone. This was great because I didn’t receive any further responses. I previously used email for this but it got complicated and I’d be politely replying days later on slots that had already gone.

The app has allowed me to offer extra lessons and I’ve been able to make more of my working day”

By keeping the app free to download for businesses and individuals it is simple for users to manage their groups and members and have them in one place. As a business user if you wish to update your groups using the app then you can do that by using in-app credits. Each download comes with free credits to get you started.

“I haven’t had to buy any credits yet and I was pleased to know that my clients didn’t have to pay. This is why so many of them are using it with me.

I’m glad that I got to try it and see for myself how it can help me. I will definitely be using it to manage my business!”

We hope you find Notifi as useful as Joe does! Try it out…