Are apps like Notifi killing email?

The rise of mobile communication apps is hard to ignore, from the big players like Whatsapp to the runners up like Line. Everywhere people are devising new ways of communicating that don’t require the use of email. Furthermore, bot developer platforms and machine learning will disrupt how brands communicate with us and email is starting to look positively antiquated.

In walks Notifi with a clear and simple agenda – let’s make managing and communicating with multiple groups easier whilst protecting client data. Notifi cuts down the unwanted noise of email; no spam, no subscriptions, no unsolicited junk, no chat. Instead, the app works by sending one way updates allowing people who run groups, manage teams, or teach classes the option to keep their members informed of important updates and events. The group owner can also sign-up to take payments and have a real-time record of who has paid and what is outstanding. It’s all about keeping members informed whilst keeping chat outside of Notifi.

As a member you can choose to join or leave a group and opt in or out of updates. The aim is simple, connect with the groups that affect your life such as swimming classes, tennis lessons, running club and have them in one place. It’s also an easy way for you to pay membership fees and have a record of it; no cash, no cheques, no bank transfers. A simple click within the app keeps you up to date on your fees. Notifi is your digital noticeboard keeping you informed of key events and updates.

For the group owner there is a clear framework of costs. You download the app for free and set up your profile, your groups, add in your members and invite them to join you on Notifi. You get these features for free. If you wish to send one way updates, (which we call notices) to your groups e.g. “Class cancelled” to the “Saturday 9am Swim Class” then you will need to use in-app credits. Each notice costs one credit and the app comes with free credits so that you can try before you buy. See FAQs for more on costs.

Importantly, this costing structure is not affected by the size of your group. Whether you have one group of 5 members or 500, a notice to the entire group will only be one credit. This not only keeps the price low for the business user but also means they don’t need to worry as the size of their business grows.

Let’s look at an example:

Jack manages, coaches and runs his kids local U9s football and cricket teams. He manages 8 groups in total – mainly with a clipboard, excel and a mobile phone. Keeping track of players, parents (and which parent belongs to which player!), teams, kits, venues, training, matches and equipment can be a task and a half, especially as Jack also works full-time!

With Notifi, Jack can download the app for free, create a group for each of his teams and invite parents to their allotted group whilst also associating the player’s name to the parent and recording who’s paid what. The data is kept secure and only Jack can see it. As a trained coach he not only needs to safeguard the players but also has a duty to protect client confidentiality. All this in one place on his phone.

More importantly Jack can, with a few taps to the app send crucial one-way updates, it’s like pinning a post-it to a private noticeboard. So anytime there is a new practice session Jack can, (for one credit) notifi everyone in that group with session, date/time details and a subs fee request. 

It’s also easier for parents, they can use Notifi to check-in on their group to view previous and new updates such as “match cancelled” they can also pay their team fees and have a record of it within the app. No spam, no junk, just simple informative notices that they can’t lose because… they’re always pinned to the group’s private noticeboard!

So you see, Jack doesn’t need to manage various bcc email groups, contact lists, worry about who has seen his updates or maintain a ledger of who has paid what. Notifi saves Jack time and allows him to focus in on what really matters – creating the next set of world class players!

However, let’s not imagine for a moment that this, or any other app, will kill email. Email will, for a long while, have a place in our over informed hearts. After all, there are 2.5 billion email users and this multi-functional service will not be run over soon. But that doesn’t mean that some things we do every day can’t be moved away from email to more focused and channelled apps. Notifi is simply a part of that movement.…

Be like Jack and give it a go…