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What is Notifi?

MyNotifiApp is a group management application that allows business / group administrators, such as a school association to manage their groups whilst protecting client data. Only the group leader and the member can see each other. Group leaders can send important one-way notices such as “class cancelled” to their group without having to think about contact details.

As a member of a group you will receive in-app and device notifications that will be pushed to your smartphone, tablet or a wearable when a group leader posts a notice. You also have the advantage of having your groups in one place and you can check-in at any time to find out what’s going on.

For more info check out our explainer video: MyNotifiApp Video

How do I use Notifi?

Download the app for free and decide whether you run a class, club, team or group and therefore need to set yourself up as a business user or whether you are a member of a group and therefore need to set yourself up as an individual user.

For example, if you are a Yoga teacher then you register as a business.
If you are a member, that has been invited by Notifi to join the Yoga group, then you set yourself up as an individual.

Would you like us to help load members to your group? This is a free service provided by so do email us and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

If you are a larger organisation then you can sign-up to our volume purchase plan by emailing This plan offers bulk upload of members, a managed invitation process and volume purchase of credits.

How much will it cost?

It is free for individuals and always will be, there are also no adverts.

If you are a business, then you can download the app for free. If you wish to update your groups by posting notices, then you will need credits. We will give you a number of free credits so that you can try before you buy. Further credits can be purchased from within the app OR you can sign-up to our volume purchase plan by emailing This plan offers bulk upload of members, a managed invitation process and volume purchase of credits, this is more suited to enterprises that have hundred/thousands of members.

As a business user can I use Notifi to manage my own personal groups?

Yes, you can. The app caters for your personal and business needs so that you can have all the groups, the ones you run and the ones you belong to, in one place.

For example, Jen our yoga teacher uses Notifi to run her studio but she also uses the app to keep up-to-date with the reading club that she belongs to.

Can I switch from being an individual user to a business user and vice versa?

If you registered as an individual and now need to be a business user / group leader then you can ‘upgrade to business’ for free by going into the settings section of the app.

If you registered as a business user and only want to use Notifi as an individual, then you can continue using the ‘Joined Groups’ section of the app. For now, we don’t have a way of changing you from a business user to an individual user but we are working on it!

What is a Group Invite?

A group invite is an invitation to join a Notifi group. When a business or a group leader adds you to a group then you will receive a text or an email inviting you to join that group.

If you already have Notifi then you will not receive a text or an email, you will instead be notified of an invitation which will be waiting for you within the app.

If you do not have Notifi then you will need to download the app in order to join the group. You will need to register with the details you were invited with in order to see the group within the app. If your details have changed then let your group owner know so that they can send you an updated invite. Alternatively, you can invite the group owner from within the app, that way they can add you to their group.

Group invites wait for you within the ‘Group Invites’ section of the app.

Is there a limit to the number of groups I can have?

There are no limits to the number of groups you can create. There are no limits to the number of members in a group and there are no limits to the number of groups you can connect to. All this comes for free.

Can I leave a group?

You can mute or leave a group.

By selecting ‘Do Not Disturb’ you will no longer receive notifications via the app or otherwise for that group. You can still check-in on the group and its notices. Your group owner will not know that you have muted their group.

By selecting ‘Leave Group’ you will no longer see the group or its notices. Notifi will update your status to the group’s owner. You can re-join the group at any time by asking the group owner to resend you an invitation.

What is a Notice?

Group owners can send one-way updates called notices to the members of a group. Notices are used to keep members informed of important updates, event details and more. A single notice can be sent to many people in a group.

Notices have placeholders for web link and date & times, these you can add to your phone’s calendar. Notices may contain an image, this can be a useful reminder of what to bring to a group’s event. For example, it can be the cover picture of the reading club’s next book.

Why do some of the notices have a red alert icon?

Notifi appends a red alert icon to urgent notices. It is a way for the group owner to alert you to an urgent situation or an update. The red alert icon is a visual cue to prompt you to consider reading the notice asap.

Can I report offensive content?

We take complaints of offensive content very seriously and in accordance with our terms of use we will investigate and take appropriate action. Please contact us on

In order for us to investigate we will need details of the group, the group owner and the notice or profile that is causing offense. In all cases we recommend that you leave the group.

Can the members of my group reply to a notice?

They cannot use the app to reply to a notice. Notices are one-way updates from a group owner to the group’s members. Members can however contact you using the details published on your business profile.

Why do you need my mobile phone number and what is Digits registration?

Notifi uses your mobile number as a quick and easy way of connecting you to the groups you have been invited to join. Group owners can invite you using the contact details they have on their phone. The app does not share your telephone number or your email address with the group, group owner or any 3rd parties.

Digits registration is an application made by Firebase that sends you a confirmation code to the phone number you are registering with. Digits then lets the app know that you own that number and can therefore continue with registration.

Can I manage the notifications that Notifi is pushing to my phone?

Yes you can and there are several ways to do so.

By default, the app downloads with two notification events that it will alert you on:

  • ‘When someone sends a notice’
  • ‘When someone invites me to join a group’

When either of these events occur then Notifi will update sections of the app so that you know there is a notice or an invitation that needs your attention. These visual cues you will see when you open the app.

In addition to this, Notifi will use the phone’s notification capability to alert you to these two events outside of the app. These are the standard device notifications.

There are several ways that you can control these:

  • By going into your phone’s settings to determine the type of device notification you wish to receive e.g. ‘play a sound’ when one of the two events occur.
  • By going into the settings section of the app and switching on or off which event you wish to be altered to e.g. switch off ‘when someone invites me to join a group’ this will in turn switch off device notifications for this event.
  • You also have the capability to enable ‘do not disturb’ per group. This means you can ‘mute’ an entire group whilst seeing alerts from other groups.

We understand that this is quite complicated. We have tried to make it easy so that you are not over alerted or indeed under alerted. The purpose of the app is to ensure that you, as a member of a group, do not miss an important update. Therefore, we recommend that you start off with the default app and device behaviour and slowly determine which alerts and device notifications work for you.

If you have a specific query on this, then please do contact us on and we’ll get one of our notification gurus to assist!

Do I need to worry about the type of phone my member has?

No you do not. You can add anyone to your group as long as you have their telephone number or email address.

If your member wants visibility of the group, then they can download Notifi from the Apple or Google store irrespective of the version you downloaded.

If your member’s phone does not support iOS or Android then the member would still be a part of your Notifi group but they will not be able to accept your invite or read your notices. You can still monitor their progress on Notifi by keeping their notes up-to-date and if they should change their phone for one that supports iOS or Android then you can resend them an invite.

Can I change my telephone number and my phone?

You can change both without it affecting the use of the app.

You can go in to the settings section of your app and update the telephone number. Notifi will go through the same phone verification process it did when you first registered a number.

You can also download Notifi to a new device and sign in using the email you registered with. As above, you can choose to change your number via the settings.

What level of security and encryption does the app have?

We take the security of your data very seriously. Your credentials and the data you set up on Notifi are encrypted between the device and the server through secure socket layers (SSL), a highly secure and industry standard encryption protocol.

Your data is then safely housed on secure, highly protected servers. These servers are managed and maintained by one of the largest global industry players. You can rest easy knowing your data is in safe hands.

The FAQs did not cover the question I have, what do I do?

We’re sorry about that and we are here to help so please contact us on and we will do what we can to answer your query!

Top Tips for Business Users

Our experience of the app and feedback from business users have highlighted challenges you might face. So we worked with our users and Notifi HQ Geeks to come up with the following: 

Every Business registration comes with free credits so try them out:

  • Create a test group. 
  • Add yourself to your group.
  • Send Notices to get a feel for how it works.
  • Accept your invite, your group will appear under Joined Groups.

Ready to invite your members?

  • Update your Business Profile so that members know who you are.
  • Create your Group and invite your members.
  • Send Notices so that members have something to arrive to.
  • A welcome Notice is a great way to start!
  • You can send Notices before your members accept their invite.
  • Members will see all your Notices from the point they were invited.

Don’t want to use your text allowance? Then send invites by following these tips: 

  • Email your members in advance. Ask that they download the app from This is a more personal approach and makes it easier for you to add them to your group.
  • Use our free member upload tool and we’ll load your members direct to your group. Email
  • Sign-up to our volume purchase plan by emailing This plan offers bulk upload of members, a managed invitation process and volume purchase of credits. This is suitable for businesses that have 100/1000s of members.

Are you members taking their time to join your group? Here are tips on what others have tried:

  • A Football group emailed to say free tickets would only be offered via Notifi. They got 100% of users on board.
  • A School group stated that they will only be using Notifi as other forms of comms were becoming unmanageable. Almost all parents agreed.
  • Statistically we have found that 50% of members join immediately, the rest will need to be reminded so try the resend feature. 25% will take their time and a few may never join. On average, it takes around 3 weeks.
  • Remember that late joiners won’t miss out, your notices will be waiting for them.

Do contact us on we’re here to help and love to hear about how you’re getting on with the app!